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В нашем информационном справочнике представлены фирмы (организации и предприятия) России, Казахстана, а так же Украины. На страницах нашего сайта вы сможете найти всю интересующую вас информацию по любой из представленных фирм, а конкретней: адреса и контактные данные, расположение на карте, интересные предложения от ведущих компаний и конечно же отзывы об организациях.

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REAL ESTATE MARKET MONITORING H1 2012 (артикул: 12143 27470)

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Дата выхода отчета: 21 Августа 2012
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Количество страниц: 25
Язык отчета: Русский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    According to Rosstat data, 15.8 mln. sq.m. of residential premises were introduced to the market within the territory of the Russian Federation. The Krasnodar Kray became the leader by delivery volumes for the first five months of 2012. The Moscow region took the second place and the Tatarstan Republic ranked third—0.91 mln. sq.m.
    In Moscow, according to preliminary data, 630 thous. sq.m. were introduced to the market for H1 2012, which was 28% lower than the last year indices.
    By the results of Q2 2012, the supply volume in the primary market increased almost by 20% and amounted to 1.1 mln. sq.m. (taking into account apartments and elite new buildings1) or 237 properties.
    During H1 2012 more than 40 new properties (residential houses, buildings in the structure of RC) entered the market, which is the maximum indicator for the post-crisis period. New supply volume reached almost 430 thous. sq.m., almost 40% of which belong to the business class segment, 25% of new supply—comfort class residential space, 20% - elite, a little bit more than 10% - economy class share, the rest 6% - apartments (business and elite class).
    At the beginning of 2012 the demand for residential space in Moscow was at the high level, characteristic of the active market. According to Rosreestr administration data, 44 382 transactions with residential real estate were registered in the capital in H1 2012. A number of registered deals displayed growth versus the indices of 2011, nevertheless, the paces of this growth (+5% versus H1 2011) fall behind the pre-crisis ones, which is indicative of the fact that the market is going through the main recovery stage. The main growth, as in 2011, took place due to the development of mortgage lending: the increase of transactions with mortgage turned out to be much more considerable than the total increase of a number of deals.
    The average supply price in the primary market by the results of Q2 2012 reached 189, 772 rub. per sq.m. (exclusive of elite segment, apartments and townhouses), the equivalent in dollars—$5, 840 per sq.m. The decline of ruble price versus Q1 posted –1.6% in rubles, minor growth at the level of +2.6% is observed since the beginning of the year. The dynamics of the average price in dollars (-11% versus Q1 and +2% versus the beginning of the year) is conditioned by tangible weakening of ruble rate against dollar.
    In H1 2012, the growth of the average price at the level of 0.5-2% per month was observed in the secondary residential market of Moscow. For six month the average ruble price gained 7% and settled at the level of 200 thous. rub. per sq.m. (with account of elite segment). The dollar price gained 10% for Q1 2012, however, it decreased in Q2 under the influence of exchange rate.
    During Q2 2012 the primary market of apartments increased by three new properties. All in all, 9 apartment complexes entered the market since the beginning of the year. By the end of June 2012, approx 142.6 thous. sq.m. were offered in 25 complexes in the primary market of apartments. The growth of supply volume in this segment for H1 posted about 30%. The average ruble price in the primary market of apartments was 12.7% up by the results of Q2 2012 and amounted to 329, 080 rub. per sq.m. The dollar price gained 1.9% and reached $10, 130 per sq.m. The ruble price increased by 12.6% and the dollar price grew by 9.5% for H1.
    In H1 2012, the elite primary market was actively increasing by new properties, as the result, the supply volume in this segment of the market increased by one third. The main growth was observed in Q2. All in all, 7 new properties entered the market since the beginning of the year. By the end of H1 2012 the supply volume in the elite primary market of Moscow amounted to 1, 030 flats in 41 complexes (about 190 thous. sq.m.). Elite residential space buyers’ activity was at the high level by the end of H1 2012. The average price in the elite primary market settled at the level of $19, 050 (619.1 thous. rub.) by the end of June 2012. In the secondary market flats were offered at the price of about $23, 940 (778.1 thous. rub.) per sq.m. By the results of H1 the average dollar prices posted 0.5-1.5% growth and the ruble prices—2.5-3.5% growth.
    During H1 2012 the fluctuations of the elite rental market suffered seasonal factors. Still, the demand was stably high during the whole period. By the results of H1 2012 the average level of rental rate constituted $8, 400 per flat per month, reaching the level of the indices of the end of 2011. The decline for Q2 constituted 2.3%, the growth for the year posted 1.2%.
    Activity of elite cottages market was high during the past period. However, the main peak was observed at the beginning of the year. The demand was high during the whole period. By the results of H1 2012, the average level of rental rate in the elite countryside rental market reached the index of $16, 500 per house per month. The growth for H1 constituted 3%, the annual growth reached 14%.
    The trend of supply volume growth is preserved in the primary market of the Moscow region - new offers appeared at 193 addresses in Q2 2012 (16% of the total number of new buildings in supply), and the supply volume, as of the end of June 2012 amounted to 1 184 houses (the increase for Q2 2012—11%), where approximately 39 980 flats were displayed (the increase versus March 2012 - 9%).
    Facing official inclusion of the south-west territories into the structure of the capital, many developers accelerated the beginning of implementation of residential projects in New Moscow. Such large complexes as RC “Maryino Grad”, RC “Nikolin Park”, RC “Moskva A101”, RC “Tatyanin park”, with the total aggregate area of more than 1 mln. sq.m., entered the market in Q2 2012.
    Upon the activization of construction activity and the increase of supply volumes, a high level of buyers’ demand is preserved, which finds reflection in the price dynamics. The average level of prices in new buildings of the Moscow Region in ruble equivalent gained 3% and reached 71, 400 rub. per sq.m., therefore, exceeding the pre-crisis index by 4%. And against weakening of the national currency against dollar in American currency (2, 172$ per sq.m.) the decline was recorded at the level of 8%.
    In H1 2012, buoyancy was observed in the countryside real estate market. Economy class projects prevailed in the structure of new supply, the share of settlements without building contracts remained considerable. Nevertheless, premium class settlements also entered the market, the most interesting of which included: high-budget settlements Fortops in the Kaluzhskoe highway (from the developer of ”Olympic village Novogorsk”, “Khimki Group”), Berestovo Club in the Novorizhskoe highway (townhouses, Villagio Estate); the project of complex development of territories “Zagorodny kvartal” (111 ha, developers RDI Group and Limitless), “Pestovo Life” project (OPIN company), “President club” complex in the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway (large-scale project within the territory of 450 ha will be implemented by Olympic City), etc.
    All in all, approx 33 new settlements entered the market in H1 2012. A mid-distance belt (15-30 km from MKAD) is under the most active development. Stably growing share of townhouses in the newly delivered projects is worth mentioning: this format of supply is presented in nine new settlements.
    No tangible shifts in the price situation took place in the countryside residential real estate market in H1 2012. A fluctuating dynamics is still taking place in several projects: an average price level is gradually growing in the most in-demand settlements, and the decline of prices is observed in less successful projects, including the fully completed ones (in most cases within the framework of special promo actions and programs). In H1 2012, the average supply prices in the countryside residential real estate market turned out to be the following: the price for 1 sq.m. of a cottage (with account of the price of land) in elite settlements constituted $3, 330, in economy class settlements it constituted $1, 580.
    Buyers’ interest towards high-budget countryside real estate increased in H1 2012: a number of incoming requests to Blackwood Company for the past period exceeded the analogous index of the last year by 30%.
    Novorizhskoe and Rublevo-Uspenskoe directions remain traditionally in-demand directions (34% and 24% of requests respectively). The strengthening of Novorizhskoe direction leadership in H1 2012 is worth mentioning, it is an objective reflection of its active organized countryside development.
    If in the analogous period of the previous year the majority of requests were for houses measuring 301-400 sq.m., then in H1 2012 the demand shifted towards the houses measuring 401-500 sq.m. (33%) on the land plots of 15-20 and 21-30 sotkas. And the most in-demand purchase budget is still the segment of up to $1.5 mln.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта

    Резюме……………………………………………………………………………………………………….…………. 3
    Жилая недвижимость. Россия. Московский регион. Жилищное строительство ………………………...… 5
    Жилая недвижимость. Москва……………….……………………………………………………………………... 6
    Элитная жилая недвижимость. Москва. Продажа..………….…………………………………..…………….. 9
    Элитная жилая недвижимость. Москва. Аренда…………………………………………………………………
    Жилая недвижимость. Московская область..………….………………………………….……………………… 13
    Загородная недвижимость..……………………………………………………………………..…….................... 18

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Актуальные исследования и бизнес-планы
    Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources The elite primary market didn’t see any price growth. The average price level was mainly influenced by changes in the supply pattern and fluctuations in the currency rate. As a result, the dollar price of 1 sq. m. in the new elite buildings dropped 3,6% amounting to $17 400 per sq. m. and the ruble price remained at practically the same level. The priciest new apartments could be found in Ostozhenka-Prechistenka ($23,930 per sq. m.), Presnensky district ($22,000 per sq. m.) and Yakimanka ($18,550 per sq. m.). The average price in the secondary elite market in May 2010 reached $22,900 per sq. m. The most expensive districts in the elite secondary market were Khamovniki ($24,025 per sq. m.), Presnensky ($24,500 per sq. m.) and Tverskoy ($23,850 per sq. m.).
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    - Текущие тенденции в отрасли;
    - Проблемы, связанные с производством или реализацией бутилированной воды;
    - Факторы, способствующие развитию рынка;
    - Оценка объемов рынка;
    Данный раздел будет основан на информации, собранной из открытых источников, а также данных, полученных в ходе интервьюирования крупных участников рынка (5 компаний). Перечень интервьюируемых компаний, а также вопросы, задаваемые в процессе интервью, будут дополнительно согласовываться с заказчиком.
    2. Анализ конкурентной среды
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    2.2. Крупные участники рынка:
    - выявление крупных игроков на рынке;
    - краткий профиль крупных участников;
    - виды реализуемой продукции;
    - предлагаемые условия сотрудничества;
    - показатели финансово-экономической деятельности (при предоставлении данной информации компаниями в органы официальной статистики или наличия в открытом доступе);
    3. Анализ потребителей
    3.1. Выявление крупных потребителей бутилированной воды в кегах
    3.2. Потребительские предпочтения в исследуемом сегменте:
    - требования, предъявляемые к качеству воды;
    - преимущества и недостатки …
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