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REAL ESTATE MARKET MONITORING_JUNE 2011 (артикул: 09043 27470)

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Дата выхода отчета: 1 Августа 2011
География исследования: Moscow and Moscow Region
Период исследования: June 2011
Количество страниц: 19
Язык отчета: Русский и Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    The monitoring presents the development results of the residential and commercial real estate markets of Moscow and Moscow Region in June 2011.
    In June 2011, the elite primary market did not see any direct growth of prices, which was observed in the previous two months, however, the average price grew due to the change of the supply structure. The supply volume remained practically at the same level, no new properties entered the market last month.
    In June 2011, high-quality office real estate tenants and buyers remained very active in Moscow – there has not been traditional summer recession yet. A vast deal of transactions on the office premises rent were concluded, the developers’ market was also active.
    The main event of the professional retail real estate market of Moscow was the conclusion of several significant investment deals. Thus, “Kaluzhsky” REC in Profsouznaya street, as well as “Filion” and “Gorbushkin Dvor” RC were sold.
    The opening of the Radisson Blu Belorusskaya hotel in the 3rd street of Yamskoe pole became the main event in the hotel real estate market of Moscow in June. Two hotels under international hotel operators’ management were opened in the regional cities.
    In June 2011, the new settlements were in the process of entering the countryside residential real estate market of Moscow Region. The projects, offering for sale land plots without building contracts, constitute the largest share.
    A landmark event of June 2011 was the delivery of “Orlov” project, implemented by Asterra group of companies, located within 12 km from MKAD along the Kashirskoe highway. The settlement will be implemented in the classical style of the times of Catherine the Great. The following project should be singled out among the announced ones in June 2011 – the settlement of Swedish company Norrland Country Clubs – “Norrland Novaya Riga”, the implementation of which is scheduled for September 2011. The project will be located within 120 km from MKAD along the Novorizhskoe highway.
  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта


    1. Residential real estate market………………………………. 3
    2. Office market……………………………………….…………. 5
    3. Retail market……… ………………………………………..... 7
    4. Hotels market……………………. ………..………….……… 9
    5. Countryside real estate market ………………………….... 11
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    Approximately 16.5 million sq. m. of residential space was introduced in Russia in January-May 2010, which constitutes 99% of the total volume of residential space construction, re- corded in the corresponding period in 2009. In Moscow, accord- ing to the Federal State Statistics Service, 492.9 thous. sq. m. of residential space was introduced in January-May 2010. De- crease amounted to almost 38% compared with the same period in 2009. At the same time in the first half of 2010 developers became more active and the "unfreezing" of the majority of the suspended construction projects was noticed. According to the results of the first half of 2010 the supply volume in the residential market of Moscow declined and amounted to 200 houses (1.07 mln. sq. m.). Supply volume re- duction is connected with a temporary suspense of sales in sev- eral complexes and also sales completion in new buildings, where single offers remained. In the first half of 2010 a consider- able raise of buyers’ activity both in the primary and in the sec- ondary market was recorded. Besides, a positive price dynamics was noticed. In June 2010 the average price in the secondary residential market in Moscow amounted to 175,6 rubles per sq. m. ($5,650 per sq. m.). The average price in the primary market reached 161…
    Q3 2010 6,9 million sq. m. of residential space were commissioned during the first two months of Q3 2010 in Russia. On the whole, 28,5 mln. sq. m. of residential space were commissioned in the country by the results of January-August 2010, which amounted to 96% of the total volume, recorded in the corresponding period of 2009. In Moscow only 932,4 thous. sq. m. of residential space were commissioned during 8 months of the current year (in July- August – 118 thous. sq.m.). Delay in index of residential space commissioning for the corresponding period of 2009 constituted 29% of the commissioned residential space volume, recorded in January-August 2008 – almost 50%. As the result, only 30% of the residential space commissioning plan set for 2010 (3,1 mln. sq.m.) was implemented in the capital by the end of August. As of September 2010 supply volume in the Moscow primary market amounted to a little bit more than 200 properties (1,09 sq. m.), the increase of the corresponding index of June 2010 reached approx 2%. In Q3 2010 the trend of considerable num- ber of new economy-class properties delivery, which was out- lined at the beginning of the year, continued. However, delivery of considerable number of new supply was compensated by sale completion in several properties, as well as fr…
    The delivery of an agreement between Hilton Worldwide and Amtel Properties about the management of hotels in the Moscow Region was announced in March. One of the first properties within the framework of this agreement will operate under the new for the Russian market brand Hampton by Hilton: “Hampton by Hilton Moscow Strogino” for 214 rooms is planned for opening in 2014. Before this, the opening of Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga for 162 rooms will take place in 2012. Thus, the hotel operator is currently implementing an intensive development policy, striving for compensating for the late entry to the Russian market (the first hotel of the group in Russia – Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya was opened in 2008). Apart from the projects in the Moscow Region, Hilton Worldwide demonstrates high interest in the regional cities: the group plans to manage the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Voronezh (140 rooms, the opening is planned for 2013). Nowadays, only two hotels in Russia are under Hilton management: Double Tree by Hilton (Novosibirsk) and Hilton Garden Inn (Perm). The active delivery of new settlements was recorded in the countryside residential real estate of the Moscow Region in March 2011, the number of which increased 3 times versus February 2011. However, the projects offering fo…
    ОБЗОР РЫНКА КОММЕРЧЕСКОЙ НЕДВИЖИМОСТИ Общий объем введенных в 1 полугодии 2010 г. качест- венных офисных помещений составил порядка 450 тыс. кв. м, что меньше показателя 1 полугодия 2009 г. в 3 раза. Со- вокупный объем качественных офисных помещений класса «А» и «В» составляет на конец 1 полугодия 2010 г. порядка 10,5 млн. кв. м. Основные тенденции в спросе на офисную недвижи- мость по-прежнему отражают негативное влияние кризиса: велика доля запросов на покупку офисных помещений, ос- новной спрос на аренду сосредоточен в сегменте неболь- ших помещений, готовых к въезду. Поглощение качественных офисных помещений в тече- ние первого полугодия 2010 г. происходило достаточно вы- сокими темпами, однако созданный в течение 2009 г. «задел» вакантного предложения, выходящее на рынок но- вое предложение и большое количество сделок по аренде без увеличения занимаемой площади удерживают показате- ли свободных помещений на достаточно высоком уровне. На конец 1 полугодия 2010 г. доля вакантных помещений в классе «А» составила 25%, в классе «В» - 20-23%. Основные тенденции офисного рынка все еще носят кризисный характер: в течение 1 полугодия 2010 г. по- прежнему имели место корректировка девелоперских пла- нов, заморозка, либо изменение параметров планируемых к строительству проектов с офисн…
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